Feb 02, 2018
Andrea Quintero

NOTE: 11:30am Champagne Reception this day sponsored by the Rotary Club of Santa Monica Past Presidents!!

Andrea has an extensive academic background including one and a half years at Universidad Libre in Colombia exploring general medicine, a B.S in Microbiology (minor in Chemistry), an MBA and an MA in Psychology. This background, combined with over 14 years of professional experience in management, marketing and sales (over $10 mil. in sales) for $1B+firms, gives Andrea a unique blend of skills and insight into B2B sales, executive decision making, a deep understanding and practical, and scientific, knowledge of human behavior and the impact of psychology on organizational and leadership effectiveness. Other things that fuel Andrea's passion are reading, running, classical music, classical art, philosophy, travel and a spectacular cup of coffee. "I believe every person deserves fulfillment on every level, and every one of us has it in us to achieve that," she says. "And nothing provides me more joy than finding the highest potential in people, and helping them discover and tap into that power."

Andrea has also been an avid student of philosophy, metaphysics, mysticism, spirituality, and meditation for over 15 years.

She has worked side by side with recognized scholars/scientists from UCLA and Pepperdine University to help assess, enhance and develop corporate leadership's degree of self-awareness as well as awareness of others (Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, and Empathy).   She now teaches at Pepperdine University's Graduate School of Business and Management, Graduate School of Education and Psychology and the undergraduate school of Social Science at Seaver (Malibu).  Andrea also conducts research that examines the impact of spirituality and psychology on corporate leaders' emotional intelligence and mindfulness. She writes for the Huffington Post and seldom provides public talks.