Friday July 16th was our second live meeting in quite some time.     We’ve added eleven new members since March of 2020 when we went to zoom because of you-know-what.  Several of these New 

Members were in attendance and received their Red Badges, welcoming them into our club.  Search out our Red Badgers and help welcome them to our great organization.

Christopher Cox, our Assistant District Governor, joined us.  He knows where the most fun club meets!

 AND REMEMBER, when we are live at Hilton, there is no Zoom feed.  The only Zoom viewing is when we have Zoom meetings and those coming up are: July 23, August 13, September 17 and October 1.


We had the first grant presentation of the year.  Susan Annett presented a Board Directed Grant of $5000 to Laurel Rosen on behalf of the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce Foundation for distribution as part of Santa Monica Small Business Recovery Grants to support the Santa Monica’s small business community.


Lauren Akmaeva was fined for assuming we were smart enough to know that ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning.   Her fine was suspended since she knew the President would need phonetic spellings of other words in her bio.

George Collins was fined for general rambunctiousness and questioning the President’s fine protocol.  

Bill Powell fined himself $5 for giving the wrong title of one of Bill Chillingworth’s books.  (George Collins generously agreed to kick in an additional $195)


Andrea Gressinger announced our upcoming Wine Fest and presented an outstanding video produced by our own Vicky Curtis.

Bill Powell reminded everyone Club Assembly


THANK YOU to everyone who helped at last Friday’s meeting:       

1. Thanks to Gary Ogden and Judy Neveau for serving as Greeters..

2. Thanks to Carol Jackson (aka Carol Zeta Jones), Tom Larmore and Ken Waltzer for their delightful Music.

3. Thanks to Kathryn Markolf, the President’s Pick.

4. Thanks to Lauren Akmaeva for the invocation.

5. Thanks to David Rosenfeld for guest introductions and Bill (Chilli) Chillingworth for introducing our speaker.


 Dennis Haslam gave us a fascinating look into what it’s really like to run a professional sports team.  Apparently, it’s not all fun and games.  Dennis did an interview style presentation with our VP of Programs, Bill Chillingworth as interviewer.  During his youth, Dennis befriended a pudgy, unpopular boy in his grade school class who grew up to be a very successful auto dealer and the owner of the Utah Jazz NBA basketball team.  Dennis led the Utah Jazz for ten years during the exciting era of Karl Malone & John Stockton when they routinely beat our local “Lakes” and “Clips”.

THIS WEEK Our July 23h meeting is on ZOOM so don’t show up at HILTON!

This meeting will be our Club Assembly.   Our Board of Directors will present some of the key programs and activities which we will undertake in this, Our 100th Year.  Committee Chairs will be introduced and we’ll help you find the committee(s) that will let you make the most of this momentous Rotary Year.  Our VP of Programs, Bill Chillingworth, will talk about some of the world class programs we have coming up.

As always, the Zoom Link for our meetings is:

Meeting ID: 946 4595 0168

Password: 173529

See you on Zoom!,

Bill Powell

President, Rotary Club of Santa Monica