Friday July 9th was our first meeting of the 100th Year of the Rotary Club of Santa Monica. It was MOMENTOUS for that reason alone but it was also the first live meeting of our club since March of 2020; 16 months! The tables were arranged so those who wished to be socially distanced could do so. I heard many positive comments about the remodeled ballroom and the food changes. What hasn’t changed is the great staff at Hilton. It was nice to see so many familiar faces. AND REMEMBER, when we are live at Hilton, there is no Zoom feed. The only Zoom viewing is when we have Zoom meetings and those coming up are: July 23, August 13, September 17 and October 1.


Penelope Glick

Alan Glick received the FIRST FINE in the FIRST MEETING of our 100th YEAR. His granddaughter was born July FIRST, the FIRST DAY of our 100th year. To honor Alan and the stupendous job he did coordinating the timing, his fine was suspended and several members chipped in to make his new granddaughter, Penelope Kent Hancock Glick, a Paul Harris Fellow. Thanks to Matt Williams, Joe Metoyer, Mike Cates, Tom Larmore and Bill Powell who contributed $100 each to be matched with Rotary Foundation points. Others including Donna Byrd and Alan Glick offered to contribute but we could only accept the first 5. Better luck next time.

Dee Menzies narrowly avoided being fined for not being married for 50 years, unfortunately, Spyros Dellaportes was not so lucky and was fined for celebrating his 50th Anniversary.


JB announced our upcoming Day of Service on August 14 at the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Monica.

Nora announced the August Taco Party at Kelly Gulch, as well as entertainment events in September, October, November and December.

Bill Powell reminded everyone that Blood is definitely needed now, surgeries are up, accidents happen and many who were donating blood are returning to work. The next blood drive at the Santa Monica YMCA, (1332 6th Street) is Friday, July 16, from 10-4 

There are a few at the Red Cross in Santa Monica (1450 11th Street) 

Sat, July 10, 9am-3pm

Mon July 12, 1pm-7pm

Friday, July 16, 10am-4pm

Sat, July 17, 9am-3pm

Go to or call 1-800-REDCROSS they’ll let you know how many spots are available.


THANK YOU to everyone who helped at last Friday’s meeting:       

1. Thanks to Gary Ogden and Lauren Akmaeva for serving as Greeters..     

2. Thanks to Tom Larmore and Ken Waltzer for the creative Music. 

3. Thanks to Karim Jaude, Chair of World Community Service Committee and the President’s Pick.

5. Thanks to Barbara Bishop for the invocation. 

6. Thanks to Nora Bohn for guest introductions and John Bartlett for introducing our speaker. 

 And a BIG THANKS to Iao Katagiri, Tom Woods, Ken Waltzer, Stan Fox, Rosemary Regalbuto, Carol Powell, Grace Cheng Braun and Pam Brady for the work they do every week at the “back table” but especially all the work over the past weeks organizing our equipment, A/V system and meeting logistics for our new venue.


AnGele Cade presented an inspiring story of her transformation from “Alphabet” (as she was known by her South Central LA gang), to the CEO of several successful businesses across the USA and a generous supporter of her community. She has been recognized by the LA Business Journal, and numerous other organizations and publications, for her business success and humanitarian endeavors.


THIS WEEK Our July 16th meeting is LIVE at the HILTON. Our speaker will be:

Dennis Haslam – Dennis was the personal attorney of Larry Miller, owner of the NBA’s Utah Jazz basketball team. He then became President of all sports and entertainment for Larry Miller Enterprises. In that role, Dennis led the Utah Jazz for ten years during the glory years of Karl Malone & John Stockton. His Topic – “Behind the Bench; The Glory Years & the Not-Always-Glorious Job of Running A Professional Sports Team”.

Yours in Rotary

Bill Powell

President, Rotary Club of Santa Monica