On May 18th, we had our Public Service Recognition Day, where we honored incredible individuals from the Police Department, the Fire Department, the Santa Monica-Malibu School District and Big Blue Bus!! We also gave away money, had lots of fun guests, and we had a special presider while President Tom was away!
Here President-Elect Mitchell Kraus presents a check to Lighthouse Christian Academy from our Community & Youth Grants Committee!!  
Check out this power grab! Thank you, Vice-President Bill Powell for doing suvh an outstanding job in the hot seat!!
And thanks to Barb Bishop, our smooth and stylish invocator!
Fine Time!
Tricky trickster Bill Powell wore a sports coat and then fined everybody in the room not wearing one! And then got to Dan Smarg for a tardiness and Past President Judy Neveau for her travels! Nice job, Bill! :)
Our program's committee...
thank you so much to Diane Margolin, Donna Byrd, and Joe Metoyer for your hard work putting together the public Service Recognition Day!!
Celebrating our Public Servants!
Meredith Louria was the honoree from the Santa Monica-Malibu School District!
Captain Paul Bellante was the honoree from the Santa Monica Fire Department!
Officer Kristina Cochran was the honoree from the Santa Monica Police Department!
Brad Andrus was the honoree from Big Blue Bus!
Thank you and congratulations to all our honorees!! We appreciate all the hard work you do for our community!!