Our March 9th meeting was a ton of fun! We had two members give their Craft Talk, we had wonderful guests, and some of the members got fined heavily for their life adventures! 
Did you know...Jennifer Littlefield has a twin, and grew up in the country, hanging around farm animals and in the machine shop! She was a runner and made is to regionals, was voted Miss Elementary in 5th grade, and was Homecoming Queen! She was in a service fraternity, so she's no stranger to our kind of volunteering. She's worked as a banker, accidentally started in real estate, did concert security, and now works with Keller Williams.
Executive Secretary Savi Labensart and President Tom Larmore greeted Greg Abrams and his guest, Alison Rodin.
Greg Abrams was born to Romanian parents to a close family, where his mom was queen of the family, and he worked with his dad at swap meets. His dad helped match his savings until he could buy his first car, a bright orange Camaro. He learned magic, played poker, and won backgammon competitions! He was the first in his family to go to college, went to law school at UCLA and was 1st in his class! He's retired now, but created and ran ASK Financial for many years.
Greg still has high reverence for his mother, Roberta Abrams, who he also brought to the meeting. President Tom greets her.
It's always so interesting to hear about the lives of our new members! Suzan Allbritton and Ken Waltzer, along with many others, came up to the Craft Talkers after the meeting to say hi!
Visiting Rotarian Pascal Schweighofer is the current president of his club in Provencal, France. Our Guest Introducer of the day, Nick Goehner, exchanged banners with him!
Thanks to Charlie Follette for lining up our Craft Talkers, and to Pat Johnston for leading us in song! Pat, we are so happy you're around more often now! 
President Tom fined Michael Cates for his travels to Asia!
President-Elect Mitchell Kraus was fined for being interviewed in a Reuters piece!
And Spyros Dellaportas was fined for having his Palm Motel on the market for $11 million...still!
Drew Fleming offered a hearty thanks to club members who volunteered for the Rotary READS week in our local public schools. Volunteers were asked to stand and be acknowledged.
If you didn't get a chance to participate this time, definitely try to read next time. It's an incredible opportunity to reach out to the younger generations!