On March 31st, along with many other wonderful happenings, we honored a well-deserving community member with our Four Way Test Award! Congrats to Becky Lantry!
Past President Nat Trives, Becky Lantry, Jillian Alexander and President Connie Maguire snapped a pic after the luncheon...Nat and Jillian, co-chairs of the Four Way Test Committee, were pleased to present this award to someone so involved in contributing to the community, so giving of their time and energy!
President Connie also gave another of her "Spirit of the Leprechaun" Awards to Ann Greenspun for her consistent contributions in making our meetings so fun and engaging!
Avo received a deferred fine in honor of the grand opening of his high-end original jewelry design shop at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel! President Connie has given him until the end of 2017 to establish the business before he has to pay his fine...


Rick Mateus announced, "I'm almost a grandfather!" and said that at the end of April it'll be official!   

Adam Lichtl and Nick Goehner continue to support the bow tie industry. Unfortunately, Adam announced that day that he will be leaving our club because he is relocating to Pasadena. We are so sad to see him go! 

Congrats again to Becky Lantry!! 

Annie Wilson from the First African American Episcopal Church in Santa Monica chronicled Becky's contributions to and leadership of her faith community.

Amy Bishop Dunbar of the League of Women Voters-Santa Monica described Becky's volunteerism with the League to bring nonpartisan, thoughtful public policy programs to the voting public.

What a lovely group of ladies!! SM Chamber President and Rotary member Laurel Rosen, Becky's daughter Desirae Lantry, Becky Lantry, Rotarian Jillian Alexander and Amy Bishop Dunbar.