On March 24th we had a great meeting! Our guest speaker, Larry Kohn, was prompt, charming, intelligent and inspiring!
Guest speaker, Larry Kohn, greeted by Vice President of Programs, Roger Davis! Larry talked about Diz Dev Best Practices, and everybody was very excited about his ideas!
Thank you to Pat Johnston, who led us in song, despite the lack of piano!
We are so proud of Rev. Joe Metoyer and RoseMary Regalbuto, co-chairs of our Peace Initiative Committee, who arranged the screenings of SOLD, which chronicals child sex slavery in India.

Monty McCormick won a Spirit of the Leprechaun Award from President Connie for his work on our FARF (Fantastically Awesome Rotary Function) where Rotarians and guests ate BBQ and played games at the Bel Air Bay Club! 


Past President Paul Leoni took home the pot of gold, however! The Golden Touch of Leoni was the big winner at the poker table! 

New member Michelle Arellano did a great job introducing our guests and visiting Rotarians!
And we so appreciated David Rosenfeld's invocation...
though afterward Len Lanzi couldn't help but tease him about the size of his notes! :)

Some of our members have had the big job of updating our Club Constitution, Bylaws and Policies & Procedures over the past 9 months! 

Co-chairs and Past Presidents, Paul Gaulke and Dee Menzies, gave us an update...

Paul let us know that working on the Constitution needs a lot of intestinal fortitude...and Vice President Roger Davis said he was happy to take custody of the remedy!

Thanks to all who have worked on this project! We appreciate your hard work!