On March 23rd, we had a great meeting with speaker Frank Gruber, and lots of wonderful guests! 
Frank Gruber is a Santa Monica attorney, political commentator, and journalist. He has served on many government advisory boards, including the Planning Commission, and has run for City Council. Frank's observations about the political issues currently on the front burner stimulated a lively discussion. Stan Fox has known Frank for many years, and enjoyed welcoming him to the meeting!
Thank you to Chuck Husting for so eloquently introducing our speaker!
And thanks to Pat Johnston and Ken Waltzer for leading us in song!
Guillaume Birindwa has just moved from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Los Angeles, and has attended our meetings a couple times now. He was a Rotarian in Africa and is checking out clubs in Los Angeles.  He is a forensic scientist!
Kea Gorden is a member of the Evanston (Illinois) Lighthouse Rotary Club. She is also an employee of Rotary International and works at the international headquarters in Evanston!
Jolly Gissell brought Al Sheid and his daughter Emily. Al has been to our meetings a couple times now, as well!
Remembering Roy Fogel
Dick Lawrence's guest was Leila Fogel Brown, the sister of Roy Fogel who was a Past President of our club.  Roy passed away recently, and Leila was good enough to come share some funny stories and warm memories of her brother.  She noted how important Rotary was to Roy throughout his life.