On March 2nd we had a great meeting! Our speaker was the amazing Dr. Bonnie Buratti from JPL, and Past President George Collins invited a bunch of SMC students to join us for her talk!
Dan Smarg, who introduced Dr. Buratti, and President Tom Larmore greeted our speaker at the door! Dr. Buratti's presentation was incredible, with many photographs of Saturn and it's moons taken in the Cassini-Huygens Mission!
President Tom presented awards to Jim & Virginia Reidy from the Rotary Foundation for collective contributions qualifying them for Major Donor Level 3! Jim explained that he made these contributions primarily because of Rotary’s fight against polio and his experience many years ago with young people afflicted by that disease. 
We heartily welcomed back John Dravillas after an extended leave of absence. John we missed your wit, your Chicago accent, and your smiles, and are so happy you've returned! 
President-Elect Mitchell Kraus welcomed Past President Judy Neveau and her guest Nora Sellner!
Laurel Rosen brought Gauri Ramnath!
And Monika White brought her husband Roger Goodman and their house guest Marie Menne who is in from Cologne, Germany!
All the SMC students enjoyed the presentation and meeting Dr. Buratti, and we enjoyed having them with us at the meeting! Thank you Past President George for putting this together!
SMC Students included Stephanie Briones, Yonas Rufoel, Sarah Eldin, Cyndi Bendeza Palonmina, Catalina Lee, Walberto Lozano, Nicole Sandoval, and Carlos Santiago.