Our March 16th meeting was a great day as we celebrated St. Patty's Day, heard Dr. Alan Gaveck on stem cell research, and were up to our normal shenanigans!
Dr. Alan Gaveck, President Tom Larmore, VP of Programs David Rosenfeld, and Dr. Gaveck's son and business partner, Colin Gavack.
 Dr. Gaveck seemed to enjoy the lively interaction with Rotarians, who were fascinated by the potential for stem cell therapies. Members asked lots of questions at the end!
Past President Dee Menzies offered cheers to Monty McCormick for sponsoring our Champagne Reception for this day! Big thanks to you Monty!!
Past President Nat Trives tried to talk his way out of a fine by President Tom, which was levied because he appeared in the most recent issue of the RAND Review magazine about the value of post-retirement jobs.
Happy St. Patty's Day!
Many folks wore green to celebrate! Pam Brady had green in her scarf, and Bill Powell wore his lucky head gear!
Carol Powell came in her Sláinte shirt and her Irish Medal that she got from Past President Connie Maguire!
Alan Glick went sporty! 
We even got a visit from the lovely wife of the president, Karon Larmore, who dressed for the occasion!
But the green contest was won by this caped crusader...
Robert Segal!! 
Happy birthday, Rotarians!
Thanks to Donna Byrd and Diane Margolin, we celebrated February and March birthdays: Dick Hart, Nick Goehner, Dan Smarg, Alan Glick, Merv Hecht, Spyros Dellaportas, and Matt Williams, among others!