March 10th was a wonderful day! Our speaker was  Dr. Kathryn Jeffery, the Superintendent and President of Santa Monica College! Plus, we gave away money to SMC, inducted one of our new members, and had lots of cool guests!
Dr. Jeffery is a great speaker, and has a super impressive resume!!
We had a Kiwaniian wander in off the street and into our meeting, the irrepressible Eddie Guerboian!
And Palle Jensen brought his lovely and sweet wife, Liza, to enjoy the presentation about SMC! 


Executive Secretary Savi and President Connie Maguire greeted two of our Bobs...Bob Baker and Bob Moore, a couple of our longest-term members!!

SMC President Dr. Kathryn Jeffery and SMC Foundation Dean Lizzy Moore, along with Associate Dean of SMC College Emeritus and our Rotary member, Gita Runkle, accepted a check from our Santa Monica Rotary Foundation!! 


Welcome to the Club, Michelle Arellano!! 

We inducted Michelle Arellano, CEO of the Santa Monica Boys and Girls Club, into the Rotary Club of Santa Monica! She stands here with her posse of sponsors, Incoming President Tom Larmore, Bob Sullivan, and Past President Paul Gaulke.

Michelle, we are so pleased that have joined us!!