On July 28th we had a fabulous meeting with many highlights! Our speaker was our Santa Monica Mayor Ted Winterer, Past President Connie gave away awards, and we had lots of wonderful guests! 
Mayor Ted Winterer, introduced by the president of the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, Laurel Rosen, gave us a State of the City report! He talked on the hot issues, and improvements and challenges that the city faces.
The mayor was generous with his time, exchanging views with individual members after the meeting! Karim Jaude, Melissa Dagodag and Susan Gabriel Potter were among the many interested parties.
Surf's up!! President Tom, super surfer hippie dude masquerading as a lawyer, brought his A-game for the mayor!
When the mayor turned to talking about Santa Monica's efforts to promote bicycle use, RoseMary Regalbuto helped to punctuate his remarks!
Unfortunately, a continuing characteristic of Santa Monica is the persistence of homelessness. Roger Davis demonstrated for visual accentuation. 

Andrea Gressinger was hard at work soliciting sponsorships and ticket sales commitments from members for the November 5th Wine & Jazz Festival. For more info, or to buy your tickets, click HERE!!

Lisa Alexander promoted the new Rotary app for your smartphone (search for ClubRunner) as well as the upcoming (Aug. 5) hike, brunch, and ranch house tour at Will Rogers Park.

Assistant District Governor Kathleen Terry was greeted by President Tom Larmore and Past President Judy Neveau. We appreciate her participation in a committee meeting with club members about promising practices in membership development. 

Past President Connie Maguire gave out the rest of her awards and medals to folks that were not at the Dethroning party at the end of June! Past President Paul Gaulke was one of the honored recipients!



So was Timur Berberoglu...





Pam Brady...







Diane Margolin and Past President Judy Neveau...




Pat Johnston and Karim Jaude...





Matt Williams...





Bill Powell...





and Joseph Metoyer and Andrea Gressinger!! 

In case you haven't noticed, Roger Davis is our go-to guy for quick guerrilla theater skits. President Tom expressed the club's appreciation with a jersey from the Ol' Miss logo shop!
Continued thanks to Ann Greenspun and Jim Reidy, chairs of the Family of Rotary Committee, who make sure that club members who are facing personal challenges such as illness or loss of family members receive cards and other messages from the club. They ensure that the club is kept informed of their condition and whether visits and phone calls are appropriate.
Past President Nat Trives was warmly greeted by Bill Dawson. Thanks for being at the door, Bill!
Thanks also to President Elect Mitchell Kraus for doing Guest Introductions!
Cameraderie and friendship rein at Rotary!
We got together before the meeting for a Champagne Reception! David Rosenfeld, Bill Powell, and Past President George Collins are always down to celebrate together!
David Navar attended as Len Lanzi's guest! They were joined by RoseMary Regalbuto.
Bill Bubar introduced his guest, Aaron Farzam!
And Don Dickerson brought his lovely wife, Dr. Tamra Dickerson!

Since starting our luncheons at the DoubleTree Hilton Santa Monica, President Tom and the entire club have quickly become fans of banquet captain Martin, who is in charge of our meetings. Martin makes sure that our meetings are efficiently run and that we have everything we need.  Thanks, Martin!