On July 14th we celebrated Bastille Day,
in our usual Rotary way...
with a wonderful speaker and incredible friends,
and a whole lot of silly fun play!
President Tom Larmore presided as Monsieur Robespierre, and invited Suzan Allbritton aka Madame Defarge to join him at the head table!
The president paid for his "Tom-foolery" by getting put in the guillotine...and getting his head chopped off!!
Thank you to Scott Gaynor for doing Guest Introductions!!
Also, thanks to Past President King George Collins for introducing our speaker, and to Pat Johnston for being our song leader for the day!!

We had some wonderful guests!!


We love seeing President Tom's lovely wife, Karon!






It was great to see former member, Scott Kunitz! Len Lanzi, along with the whole club, wish that Scott could come back and join the club again!




And Past President George brought 3 folks with him...Melina Aton, Danielle Scott, and Jack Scott!




Sharon Perlmutter Gavin brought her friend Emma Beijers, and they were welcomed by Past President Paul Gaulke!







Merv Hecht brought his wife Bonnie!







And Executive Secretary Savi Labensart and Nick Goehner brought the fond adoration - one of the most amazing things about Rotary is the precious friendships that are built!!



Thank you to our wonderful speaker, Laura Talamante, who regaled us with stories of French History!

Men are born free and equal!!