December 15th was a huge and marvelous day! We had our Club Meeting & Elections, along with celebrating the holidays by having an ugly sweater contest and hearing the very talented Santa Monica High School Choir sing holiday tunes!
Roger Davis thanked the choir director and choir co-chair. They put on such a great performance!!
Huge thanks to Steve Eorio, who sponsored and supplied a wine reception! He drove his wonderful wine down from his vineyard in Paso Robles through the fires on the 101! Jim & Dee Menzies (Past  Treasurer & Past President) were especially glad! 
As always, many thanks to the Decorations Committee for putting together such lovely holiday cheer!!
And thank you to the DoubleTree staff!
We had them pause their good work of feeding us to get some recognition, and a standing ovation! They have taken such excellent care of us every Friday!
Spyros Dellaportas and Nora Bohn were loving the array of holiday desserts!
We had some awesome participants! Dick Lawrence went with a Grinch pinch, and Nora? "Come on baby, light my menorah!"
President Tom was in fine form as well, with his reindeer that...
well, let's just say I wouldn't eat those Hershey kisses, and neither would Past President Judy Neveau!  
Past President Connie Maguire took a more traditional approach, and added her usual Irish flair of course!
Myles Pritchard, I wish we could have given you a prize, but it wouldn't have been for ugly, because you looked pretty darn dapper in that vest and candy cane pants! I think Len Lanzi would agree!
No, the ugliest sweater prize went to the ugliest holiday attire the judges had ever seen...congrats to Steve Litvack! Your half and half Christmas/Hanukkah sweater was politically correct and atrocious!!
The adorable RoseMary Regalbuto was promoting the toy drive! That drone looks so cool, and what a fun gift to donate.
New member, Greg Abrams, looked like he was having a blast watching all the holiday festivities. We are so glad you've joined us, Greg!
Former member Kathy Shepard came to lunch, and posed for Iao with RoseMary Regalbuto and Len Lanzi. It was such a nice surprise to have her there!
And Matt Williams brought another prospective member, Drew Cohan! Matt, you are killin' it on recruitment, brother! 
Ann Greenspun was happy to see Jim Reidy, as was everybody else! We love when you can make it to a meeting, Jim!
It was a great day! Thanks to all who made it possible!