On August 18th we enjoyed a great meeting! Our speaker was the Deputy Consul General of France, President Tom doled out some wicked fines, and we had some wonderful guests! 
President Tom welcomed our speaker, Matthieu Clouvel, Deputy Consul General of France in Los Angeles. He shared some observations about the recent French election and the continuing Brexit issue.
Josh Bradburn, our Guest Introducer for the day, exchanged banners with Maya Bendiherad from the Amiraute Algeria club...
And with Phil Hirschberg from Caldwell, New Jersey, who returned to visit again!



Sharon Perlmutter Gavin was fined for her terrific vacation with her family on a Disney Cruise!




Past President Dick Lawrence was fined a tiny amount for the big honor of his upcoming tribute by Downtown Santa Monica Inc.!



Carol & Bill Powell were recognized for their recent fabulous trip to Africa!


And then the tides turned, as Stan Fox interrupted the regular show flow by suggesting that President Tom ought to fine himself for misspelling Sharon Gavin's name in his recent Monday message. President Tom did not argue the matter with Stan and chalked it up to "no good turn goes unpunished."  We all appreciate his Monday messages, but he'd better get everyone's name right or this could be an expensive year.

The new leaders of the Interact Club at Brentwood School were the guests of Bill Buxton: Lauren Reichwald and Emery Bolkin. We are so proud of our young people!
Thanks to Past President Judy Neveau who stressed the importance of sponsoring and buying tickets for our one big fundraiser of the year, our 10th Annual International Wine Fest! Want to go? Buy tickets by clicking HERE! 
Thank you also to Deborah Williams for providing a wonderful invocation!
And to Vicky Curtis, for being the President's Pick this week!

Nooo, don't go!

Sad to say, Bill Wood returned so that he could bid us all a fond farewell and express how much the club has meant to him.  He is retiring as pastor of First Presbyterian Church and is moving to Ashland, Oregon. Patricia Farris and Judy Neveau, along with all of us, hate to see him go but wish him the best up North!