August 11th was another wonderful day at Rotary! We gave away more money, heard a great speaker, celebrated birthdays and elephants, and had some very interesting guests!
From left to right: the good Reverend Joe Metoyer, his guest AJ Ali whose current documentary film, "Walking While Black:  L.O.V.E. is the Answer," addresses the challenges of police-community relations, our speaker Ken Morris, who is the descendant of both Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington, and is President of the Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives, and our Past President and Mr. Santa Monica Nat Trives. 
Ken Morris' educational program about modern-day slavery is right in line with Rosie Regalbuto's leadership for our Rotary peace and justice program.
Boo-hoo! We bid a fond farewell to Kathy Shepard, one of our most active members, who is relocating to Las Vegas. Best wishes to you Kathy!
Josh Bradburn was recognized and fined for completing his certification as a personal financial advisor. Congrats Josh!

We love giving away money for good causes!

Why was Bill Buxton so happy to bring his son to the Rotary meeting?


Will Buxton was there to receive a grant from President-Elect Mitchell Kraus! The Brentwood Interact Club is working with homeless veterans at the West LA VA campus and the grant is for program equipment. One of Mitch's favorite duties is to dispense Community & Youth Grants!

Grace Cheng Braun's guests were Celia Brugman and her mother, Astrid. Astrid is from Uruguay and her uncle was a Rotary Club founder and a District Governor in Uruguay.
Past President Judy Neveau's guest was Dr. Kathryn Jeffery, President & Superintendent of Santa Monica College!
Milesh Bandekar, who came as the guest of Vlado Valkof, is in the process of founding a Rotary club in Dubai.
Fun Stuff!
President Tom Larmore can't help but bring the music to the meetings!
Happy Elephant Day!
Executive Secretary Savi showed off the cutest plush elephant you've ever seen, and President Tom got a $150 donation for it!
Some serious thought is going into the possible formation of a new committee...The Short Stuff Committee!  Suzan Allbritton and Barb Bishop invited photographer Iao Katagiri to join.
President Tom thanked Chef Mike Fonder for the outstanding buffets being provided!

Happy Birthday Rotarians!

Birthday boys and girls included Roger Davis, Suzan Allbritton, Myles Pritchard, Jillian Alexander, Pam Brady, Jay Smith, Charlie Follette, and Susan Gabriel Potter. Thanks to our Birthday Committee for always doing such a wonderful job with birthdays!