On April 6th, we had a great meeting with speaker Nelson Davis, who gave us the "wisdom of 1,000 entrepreneurs"! 
President Tom Larmore (left) and Karim Jaude (right) greeted our speaker warmly!
Thanks to Russ Warner for greeting at the door!
And to Timur Berberoglu for being the song leader that day!
Pam Brady was our President's Pick, and new member Greg Abrams gave a great invocation! Pam normally helps man (woman!) the guest check-in table, but President Tom coerced her to the front of the room with a gift of her favorite...chips and guacamole!
Laurel Rosen brought her guest, Patricia Heyman!
And Bret Carter introduced Guillaume Birindwa, a forensic analyst from the Democratic Republic of Congo who lives in downtown LA and who has visited a few times now!
International Food Fest coming up!
Past President Tom Loo, who has generously hosted the Int'l Food Fest at his home for many years now, said that this may be the last one! The vacant lot usually used for parking will likely be under construction by next year. We are so thankful to him for putting it on so many times!!