Vocational Training Team

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1 To improve club members' understanding and appreciation of the Vocational
Training Team (“VTT”) program.
2 To help recruit and sponsor members for the District’s outgoing VTT Team
3 To host the incoming VTT for one week and provide a memorable and meaningful vocational and cultural experience centered in and around Santa Monica.
4 To increase club member participation in the VTT experience.
5 To provide the best possible home experience for the team members in the homes of our club members.
6 Meet budget expectations


1 Describe and promote the VTT program through the club bulletin and through special announcements made at club meetings.
2 Recruit outgoing Team members and a Rotarian Team leader.
3 Host the VTT for one week. This includes:
   a Recruit host homes;
   b Arrange the week's itinerary of group activities and professional visits;
   c Arrange use of a van and drivers for local transportation;
   d Dedicate the program for our weekly luncheon to the VTT team and its members; and
   e Plan a reception at the end of the week in a Rotarian's home for team members, hosts, and club members.
4 Encourage and assist our district committee in providing an end of tour reception for the team and the district hosts.
5 Broaden our club's involvement with the VTT program by recruiting different club members to the committee and delegating tasks appropriately.
6 Submit a timely and accurate budget.
7 Recruit outgoing team leader and members.