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In support of the elderly in the community, Santa Monica Rotarians collaborate with WISE & Healthy Aging, the nonprofit social service organization in Santa Monica, in connecting Rotarians with seniors, helping the elderly to continue living in their homes as long as possible, preventing premature institutionalization. In 2015, the Club held a special “Valentine’s Day” outreach, visiting 100 seniors in Santa Monica, bringing them Valentine treats!


  1. 1  Club members shall create community service opportunities such as friendly visit and financial and legal consultations to positivity impact the lives of the elderly within our community.

  2. 2  To increase interaction between Rotarians and the seniors in the community based on the national “village” model of neighbors helping neighbors to “age in place”.


  1. 1  Implement a “Friendly Visitor” ambassador program, whereby Rotarians can be matched to seniors in the community in order to assist or visit them.

  2. 2  Create opportunities for Rotarians with business expertise (e.g., financial planning, real estate and legal services) to provide pro bono consultations to seniors of limited financial means periodically.

  3. 3  Engage Rotarians in visiting seniors at home for Valentine’s Day.