Scholarships and Youth Awards

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  1. Promote the availability of the scholarships and awards offered by the Club to encourage applications from a board spectrum of qualified candidates.
  2. Review applications and award annual scholarships.
  1. Award the following annual scholarships:
    1. Santa Monica College (One $1000 Nick Holt Scholarship);
    2. Santa Monica College (Two $750 Archie M. Morrison Scholarships);
    3. Santa Monica College (One $1500 LA Tax Associates (Linda Teixeira) Scholarship);
    4. Santa Monica High School (One $1000 Russell Hart Scholarship);
    5. Santa Monica High School (Two $1000 Clyde Smith Scholarships);
    6. St. Monica High School (One $1000 Thomas Fox Scholarship_'
    7. Olympic High School (One $1000 John English Scholarship); and
    8. New Roads High School (One $1000 Harding, Larmore, Kutcher & Kozal Scholarship).
  2. Award four (4) One Hundred Dollar ($100) Citizenship Awards to deserving middle school students at New Roads Middle School, Crossroads Middle School, John Adams Middle School and Lincoln Middle School.
  3. Each year the Loo Family awards one $1,000 scholarship through the Santa Monica Rotary Club Foundation to a graduating member of the Rotaract Club of Santa Monica College. The scholarship is to be awarded to a Rotaract member who demonstrated a commitment to community service and Rotaract activities. Although academic performance is important, other factors are considered such as assisting those students who are from other countries, who lack United States residency status or students who may have more difficulty obtaining financial aid. A special committee chooses the recipient of this scholarship.