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1 We provide a tie between Santa Monica College Rotaract Club and our Rotary Club, encourage career dialogue, promote campus leadership and maintain a service component. Our goals are to be a presence and provide enthusiastic support to strengthen the liaison between our clubs.


1 Establish a schedule so those committee members augmented with other Rotarians who show an interest in participating, can plan to attend student meetings at Santa Monica College.
2 Provide business-oriented speakers (our members are a vast resource here) to give mini- talks at the Rotaract’s educational meetings to bring reality to their studied theory. We have the obligation to keep their meeting informal and stimulating and therefore provide reasons for them to stay active and promote the club on campus.
3 Host selected students at our luncheons where we will be introducing them to other members and acting as ambassadors for our sponsorship.
4 Provide links between the students and community projects undertaken by Rotary.
5 Administer a scholarship to be awarded annually to a Rotaract student.
6 Invite several to the Paul Harris annual dinner as guests.
7 Arrange for opportunities for Rotaracters to participate in our club's social and community events.
8 Use Rotaractors as mentors for Interactors.
9 Invite Rotaract District Governor to attend a meeting as a guest speaker.