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1 Encourage EACH MEMBER to bring at least one PROSPECTIVE member during year to a club event whether it be a social event, or otherwise.
2 Take various proactive and aggressive steps to retain those members who may be drifting away. Toward this end, we will coordinate with the Executive Secretary to alert us to those members who have not been attending meetings
and/or participating in club events, and to assign at least one member of our
committee and the individual’s sponsor to contact that member to determine what can be done.
3 Create awareness among Santa Monica Rotary Club members to invite or give us names and contact information for potential members so we can invite and follow up with them.
4 Make a list of the companies/businesses as well as the city officials that we would like to invite and find out who can help us reach the executives of target companies.
5 Enhance partnership with Santa Monica Chamber and Junior Chamber of Commerce.
6 Have a continuous marketing effort in Santa Monica as well as the neighboring areas such as Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Westwood and West Los Angeles. Make them aware of our programming, our involvement and our achievement. We are working hard and achieving a lot, but not everybody in our community knows about our results.
7 Work closely with District Membership Chair.


1 Work with the Board to help implement our new young member policy.
a Explore the addition of a separate committee focusing on young members.
b Several other Rotary Clubs have focused some membership efforts on young professionals and small business owners.
2 A committee member will brief the general membership at a meeting at the beginning of the year regarding what the club is looking for in a prospective new member and the process of applying for membership. (Note: For the education of existing members; Prospective members are not informed of their candidacy.)
3 Specify a meeting each quarter as “Bring a Guest Day.”
4 Promote the new plan where the club will pay for a guest’s lunch if they are proposed for membership.