Member Induction / Fireside Orientation

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1 Member Inductions – Introduce and induct new members into the Rotary Club of Santa Monica.
2 Fireside Orientation – Educate new members on all aspects of Rotary, both locally and Internationally.


1 Inductions – Conduct a short formal induction ceremony for new members at the beginning of the weekly meeting. Occupation, education, residency and past Rotary involvement will be announced. Sponsor and member's significant other will attend as well. Ceremonies will occur as new members join.

2 Fireside Orientation - Normally conducted on an informal basis at the home of a Past President. New members will be informed of the Rotary mission with Past Presidents discussing the following topics:
a. Self introductions and “why they selected to join Rotary”
b History and traditions of the Rotary Club of Santa Monica
c Club organization
d Membership requirements and procedures
e Rotary International and the International Foundation
f Current club president ends the Fireside by giving personal reflections on the topic “What Rotary Means to Me”
In addition, current Directors will discuss committees.