Guest Introductions

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1 To add interest to the weekly Club meetings by personalizing the introductions of visiting Rotarians and guests of Rotarians.
2 To secure information from each visiting Rotarian and include it in the introduction so that attendees will be stimulated to come up to the visitors and
converse with them after the meeting.


1 The Executive Secretary will be provided with a list of Guest Introduction Committee members’ assignments so that the Club President can plan head table introductions in advance.
2 The weekly introducer will spend some time with the visiting Rotarian(s) in order to “personalize” the introduction and hopefully, to tie the personalization into some type of theme.
3 Visiting Rotarians from clubs outside District 5280 will be invited to use 1-2 minutes from the floor to describe a project or interesting procedure of their club so that we can learn about clubs that are not part of our normal circle.