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Organ and Tissue Donation - Frank Lavac and Carol Jackson
Blood Drive - Ann Greenspun and Erik Jorgensborg

  1. To increase the awareness of Club members of the vital importance of organ and tissue donation as a community and national service.
  2. To inform Club members of the new registry DONATE LIFE CALIFORNIA, which is a private, nonprofit, confidential, state-authorized organ and tissue donor registry, which will make it easier to clearly and succinctly state and share one’s decision about organ and tissue donation. 
  3. To encourage Club members to support donation by registering their commitment to become organ and/or tissue donors.
  4. To provide opportunities for Club members to provide their time and other resources to help those in need.
  5. To provide fellowship among Club members as they avail themselves of the opportunities and honor to help those in need.
  1. To educate Club members about organ and tissue donation through literature and presentations to the Club.
  2. Successfully organize and execute a blood drive in conjunction with the American Red Cross.
  3. Assist other non-profit groups to raise awareness of the multiple opportunities we encounter every day to help those in need.