First Year Activities

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  1. 1  Welcome new members to the Club and help them become acquainted with our members.

  2. 2  Make new members aware of service opportunities.

  3. 3  Encourage new members to participate in Club activities and social events.

  4. 4  Provide an additional support resource within Rotary.

  5. 5  Encourage all new members to serve as Greeters throughout first year.

  6. 6  Have each new member seated at head table for introduction during first year in the Club.

  7. 7  Greater involvement of sponsors after a candidate becomes a member.

  8. 8  Ensure that all new members are provided a current copy of the Club Information Guide.

  9. 9  In addition to the sponsor, assign a mentor for each new member to show them around and encourage them to join one or more committees.

  10. 10  Work closely with the recruiting committee to ensure a seamless transition from prospective member to first year candidate.


  1. 1  Assure new members that their sponsors are available to support them during their initial Rotary year.

  2. 2  Encourage all new members to attend Club socials and Dining Club dinners and to participate with other members in community events.

  3. 3  Maintain continuous liaison with new members and monitor their progress during their first year and encourage their participation in committees and social events. 

  4. 4  Assist the new member’s sponsor as needed to continue the highest level of support and involvement of the sponsor.

  5. 5  Provide 1-2 social get-to-know-you events during the year as opportunities for new members to connect with existing members.