1. To promote the welfare of youth and others in need in our community by providing financial support to nonprofit organizations.
  2. To solicit grant applications from nonprofit community organizations,
  3. To review all community and youth related grants made by our Club.
  4.  Recommend amounts to be awarded to various non-profits that apply for grants.
  5. Allocate the financial resources provided by our Club, or available to our Club, in a way that will make a positive impact on the needs of our community.
  6. To promote our Club through our charitable activities.
  7. Assist the Board in evaluating opportunities to give direct financial support to local organizations.
  1. C&YG attempts to locate and encourage emerging and innovative community nonprofit organizations that serve youth and other segments of our community to apply for funding.
  2. Develop a plan for previous grant recipients that will:
    1. Limit grants to three out of any 5 year period to one organization; and
    2. Obtain information from grant recipients documenting how grant funds were used. Such documentation will be considered before giving out any future grants for that organization.
  3. Committee members will perform sufficient due diligence of all potential grant recipients (which may include location inspections) and report the findings to the committee before any grant is approved for any applicant.
  4. The committee members will coordinate with the members of our Club’s Board of Directors and the Santa Monica Rotary Club Foundation Board of Directors to ensure that all grants for the local community are coordinated, properly documented and reported.
  5. Work with the current Board of Directors and our Rotary District to determine preferred non-profits to apply for district matching grants and help in the application process for these grants.
  6. Present grants to the organizations whose applications have been approved.
  7. Gather feedback and acknowledgements from grant recipients to promote our Club internally and to the community.