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Our meeting on October 27th was spooktacular! We celebrated Halloween, had wonderful guests, and our speaker was J.B. Severin, talking all about wine!!
Guess who won the costume contest?? Len Frankenstein Lanzi! Not only was his costume great, but he wore it on National Frankenstein Friday!! Melissa Dagodag was happy to greet all who walked in the door, even if they were a little green. :)
So many folks got into the spirit! Nora Bohn got a fright from Susan Gabriel Potter in her skeletal ambitions!
Myles Pritchard wooed and danced with Suzan Allbritton!
Our witchy woman was Lisa Alexander!
And we even caught the elusive photographer hiding under a spider!


It was hard to tell who some people were behind their newfound faces!




Can you guess who these folks are??






Our guests must have been scared silly! :)

Melissa Dagodag (second from left) greeted and exchanged flags with three from the Tenerife South Club in Spain: Pedro Ripol (current President), Teresa Ten (Past President) and Guacimara Magdaleno who were in town working on a film production!


And Nora Bohn greeted Amalia Calderon Barragan from Ecuador, who also brought her mother who lives in Los Angeles!


Rick Mateus got fined for his impending fourth grandchild!
RoseMary got hit for shamelessly promoting her husband’s show “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on HBO!
Steve Litvack was fined for he and his wife’s 50th wedding anniversary!
And Frankenlen made sure Ken Waltzer got fined for his and Jennifer's recent trip to Chile!

Thanks to our speaker J.B. Severin for teaching us so many great tips about wine!

J.B. says, "Don't store wine in the fridge!" He also made sure we knew that if a bottle is corked, it needs to lay on its side so the cork keeps moist, and that when looking at a wine review you can check at the bottom to see when to drink that particular wine!

And a special thanks to our Décor Committee, Diane Margolin, Donna Byrd and Susan Gabriel Potter, who made the room so festive and spooky!

The rein of King George returns! Our meeting on October 20th was led by Past President and King George Collins!
And we had speaker Guido Hajenius!  
King George greeted him at the door. Rotarians were moved by Guido's presentation about what we can do to fight the exploitation and enslavement of children in LA County.
Thank you to our Champagne Reception sponsors Kurtis Magee, Merrill Lynch & Jesse Walker, Lord Abbett!!
And thanks to Bill Dawson for amusing us with his Donkey Kong socks! Do you remember this old video game?

Co-chair of the Wine Fest committee, Vicky Curtis, gave us one last announcement for our 10th Annual Wine & Jazz Fest that happened November 5th! 


Lisa Alexander, co-chair of the Membership Committee, expressed what each of us should be doing to cultivate prospective members! She and Roger Davis have been doing a superb job this year!

Kimberly Adams attended as a guest of our speaker, but is also an old friend of Past President Nat Trives!



Grace Cheng Braun invited Chris Wingle, the new head of the Salvation Army in Santa Monica.  David Rosenfeld was glad to meet Chris.


Matthias Ortner is a repeat visitor from the Vienna, Austria, Rotary Club. He was glad to see Len Lanzi again and was pleased to meet speaker Guido Hajenius.


Thanks as always to the DoubleTree Hilton for taking such good care of us!

RoseMary Regalbuto is definitely enjoying the lunches! (And thanks to Rosie for being our speaker introducer!)

Bill Dawson was especially excited about the carving station with delicious roast beef!
October 13th was a fun day! Jackson Varady was our speaker, talking about Happiness: The Art of Turning Blahs into Aahs!
Michelle Arellano introduced the speaker, and she looks pretty happy about it!
Thank you to Melissa Dagodag and Kurtis Magee for expertly greeting at the door!!
And thank you to Nora Bohn and President Tom Larmore for stepping up and being our song leaders! Tom brought his trusty ax since the regular accompanists were sick or out of town.

We always enjoy seeing former member Alonzo Hill! Joe Metoyer's guest was D'Andre Parker, and RoseMary Regalbuto had fun hanging with this handsome trio! 


Sheila Spencer, Santa Monica High School PTSA, was a guest at the club to thank everyone for the Day of Service to landscape a section of the campus!



And speaking of our Rotary Day of Service, Co-Chair Drew Fleming recognized all the Rotarians who worked on Saturday, Oct. 10, to clean up and improve the landscaping in a major section of the Santa Monica High School campus.


Dr. Eric Schmitter received a large tube of Bengay...



and Erik Jorgensborg got a bottle of wine...


as they both worked exceptionally hard! 


Thank you to all who worked on the Rotary Day of Service!

Drew asked all who worked that day to stand, which included Sharon Perlmutter Gavin, Eric Schmitter, Len Lanzi, Bill Powell, co-chair Tom Woods, Erik Jorgensborg and President-Elect Mitchell Kraus!

Rotary Day of Service

On October 7th, Rotarians gathered with students from Santa Monica High School to do some landscaping!

From weeds to wow! Here's a pic from before...
Here's what it looked like after...
And here are some shots of everything in between! There was jackhammering...
(David Rosenfeld, Sharon Perlmutter Gavin, and Len Lanzi)
There was weeding and sawing...
(Past President Judy Neveau and Bret Carter)
Charlie Follette brought a truck load of new plants...
Which were put in the ground...
(Tom Woods & Bill Powell)
President Elect Mitchell Kraus brought his son Zachary to help out...
Everybody worked hard and enjoyed resting at the end of a long project!
(Eric Schmitter, Erik Jorgensborg, Past President Judy Neveau, and President Tom Larmore)
(Tom Woods with SaMoHi kids)
On October 6th brought a change of venue...we had our luncheon at the Jonathan Beach Club! They were wonderful hosts and the room was lovely!
Our speaker was David Travers, the CFO of ZipRecruiter, speaking on the current trends in tech start-ups!
Thank you Ann Greenspun and Bill Rayman for being our extra friendly greeters! Ann also got up to talk about a blood drive that we'll be participating in on December 19th...save the date!!
And than you to President-Elect Mitchell Kraus, who was very inspiring with his invocation! His point? Give thanks! He even passed out little thank you cards so that Rotarians could immediately start professing their gratitude!!

Tom Woods gave an update on our Rotary Day of Service at Santa Monica High School!




Bret Carter announced the District Celebration Dinner on October 28th!



And Executive Secretary Savi aka Tom Petty was our song leader for the day, singing and playing Runnin' Down a Dream!  


Our new member John Miller was fined for the upcoming celebration of St. John's Hospital's 75th Anniversary!

And Monika White was also fined, for being honored by the Santa Monica Breakfast Club at their annual Mad Hatters Tea! She is fabulous, isn't she??

We love having visitors! Tom Larmore invited his partner and his partner's wife, John & Pat Jakle!
Past President Tom Loo invited previous member Helen Zhao, and Silvia Gevorkyan!
Past President Judy Neveau had her brother there, Rotarian Ben Stolpa!
And Eric Delabarre was a guest of Bill Dawson!

Thank you Jonathan Club for the amazing desert spread!

We actually ran out of desert that day. Roger Davis was especially excited about all the little cups of deliciousness! Roger, did you eat them all??
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